​Muvimon Studio, LLC

This film exists on the border between realism and surrealism. The visual language and audio cues will create a recognizable but mind-altering cinematic experience.

The use of empathy will help audiences relate with this character driven story thru the first person perspective. The ideas in the character’s mind will bloom in the mind of the audience.  

When the brain responds to a periodic stimulus (sound, light, or vibration) it can synchronize brainwave frequencies such as Beta, Alpha, Theta, and Delta. Brainwave entrainment is how an intended brain-state (e.g. to induce a trance or relaxation) can be achieved by using a periodic stimulus to synchronize brainwaves. We see examples of brain states (via meditation, prayer, chanting, etc.) when we look to cultures around the globe. Brainwaves can be slowed down from a normal busy Beta to Alpha -- meditation, Theta -- deep relaxation and dreaming, to Delta -- slow wave or dreamless restorative sleep.

This background in science will serve as how the plot will unravel for our protagonist, Violeta. She is a 1st generation Mexican-American neuroscientist, 30s, and has been a science prodigy since she was young. Her father was an undocumented immigrant turned scientist who built his career doing brain research. She decided early on to follow in his footsteps.