Ramón Villa-Hernández


My workshop will cover the 5 stages you need to know to shoot a narrative scene:

1. Block - The hired professional actors "walk through" the scene and we mark their starting and ending positions for the camera.

2. Light - We light the "hot" set and place the camera in its starting position while the actors are in hair/make-up/wardrobe getting ready.

3. Rehearse - We rehearse the entire scene with the sound, camera, and the "ready" actors..

4. Tweak - "Last looks" for the set, camera, lighting, sound, and performances.

5. Shoot - The shot with different takes and move the camera if possible. 

This immersive workshop will offer attendees/learners a comprehensive philosophy on how to shoot a basic narrative film scene. This workshop will empower attendees/learners with the tools necessary for expression and development. The attendees/learners will learn from working professionals the day of the workshop and walk away with the knowledge to apply these skills in the future.

For the 1st hour attendees/learners will be instructed that film artists will be implementing the five stages necessary for a basic narrative film scene. Before and after each stage, film artists will explain what they are doing for the basic narrative scene. Film artists will be available to answer questions as they work. This will create a space for a dynamic learning model that is effective, social, and interactive. The film artists will reset back to the beginning of the first stage once we have executed all five stages.

In the 2nd hour, attendees/learners will have the opportunity to practice the same skills that they saw with the film artists.
We will repeat the five steps from the 1st hour, shot by shot. This time film artists will act as mentors and let attendees/learners work in front and behind the camera. 

Breakdown the basic elements of the narrative film scene.

Learn to use the tools of cinematic short film productions (camera, sound, actors, etc.).

Collaborate with mentors and peers.

Build a community of film artists.