Art Work by Zeke Peña


Ramón Villa-Hernández


My films are driven by the need to take cinematic journeys with complex characters and discover an empathic experience.  Many of my films explore emotional landscapes that have roots in sociopolitical perspectives.

As an art form, narrative film is a great way to tell authentic stories that quietly deal with thematic dilemmas. This contrast between visual and audio components in a vast emotional landscape lets viewers believe in the magic of cinema: the exploration of story thru character.  

My approach is based on a transformative experience where nature and spirt collide with concepts such as institutional power and identity. 

My current feature film exists on the border between realism and surrealism. The visual language and audio cues will create a recognizable but mind-altering cinematic experience. The use of empathy will help audiences relate with this character driven story thru the first person perspective. The ideas in the character’s mind will bloom in the mind of the audience.  

With over twenty-years of experience in every aspect of filmmaking, my cinematic journeys are guided by my identity; a 1st generation Mexican-American fronterizx and my passion to tell stories via the medium of film.